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Nope, not this time

There are 11.5 hours remaining in July (here in the UK) and I still have 13 hours to do. This does not maths. I was a little too relaxed early in the month when I wasn’t regularly hitting my 3 hours a day (mostly only managing 2) and I should have known that typing in a field was so not happening these last few days.

Still, I got pretty close and I’ve done a lot of good work. I might even go for the 50k words in November if it’s not going to stress me out (as word count goals sometimes do) and become demotivating.

Did you hit your goal?


Camp NaNoWriMo Day 26

47/60 hours

Only 13 hours to go but I’m going to Empire LRP this weekend so I’ll be in a field, pretending to be somebody else. The plan is to write a bit whilst I’m away, basically until I run out of battery (I’m not handwriting), but a last minute dash to the finish line on Monday seems inevitable.

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Day 20 of Camp NaNoWriMo July

Days 13-16 didn’t go well but I’ve clawed my way back on track and even got a little ahead yesterday.

I don’t wait for inspiration to strike, I believe in learning to trigger it but when it does show up naturally, time really flies. It happened yesterday and I’m feeling it again now. Unfortunately I have multiple appointments interrupting me today which is exactly why I can’t wait to feel inspired; I have lousy timing!

Total Hours Written: 40
Hours Remaining: 20

Whilst I’m ‘on track’, my time is limited now: I’m visiting friends this weekend, have a job interview on Monday, therapy on Tuesday, and I’m going camping on Thursday until Sunday! That leaves about 3 good days for the bulk of my hours. This makes me grateful for Camp NaNo because without it I’d say I’m too busy for writing. Instead, I’ll work hard to fit my hours in wherever I can and I’ll feel better as a result.

How are you getting on with your Camp NaNo goals?