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How I plan to schedule my writing

Currently my schedule involves working on blog posts and client stuff in the morning, then fiction whenever inspiration strikes later in the day. I want to transition to being a full-time fiction writer and I want to do it with income from indie publishing so that’s what I’m changing my schedule to focus on.

Camp NaNoWriMo in April is an opportunity to create new habits and figure out what works for getting my fiction done. My target for Camp is 80,000 words and I’d like to hit that before the end of the month. I currently write about 4,000 words/day so that’s my initial minimum and I want to build that up by 500 words every 2 days to hit 7,000 words/day by the 13th.

A photograph of my Camp NaNoWriMo Schedule printout attached to a clipboard. Also pictured is my pink-blue gradient keyboard.
My Camp Schedule (and my gorgeous keyboard).

I track digitally but I wanted something to have around my desk for Camp so I made a quick printable using Google Sheets. It’s nothing special, but just in case anyone wants to you can make a copy and edit it for yourself. Whether you use this or make your own I’d love to see your schedule; leave me a link in the comments! To remind me not to slack off once my target gets close my schedule assumes I’m going to hit my main goal and move onto my stretch goals mid-month.

Daily writing routine
My daily writing routine with and without the school run factored in

As for my daily routine, the exact timings depend on whether or not I have a school run that day. My daughter splits her time time between myself and her father, so when she’s with me I start my writing later.

I spend the morning doing hourly sprints with 10 minute breaks between each one. I have rules for those breaks: they’re for food, drink and the bathroom. They’re not for social media. I can usually hit my daily word count goal in 2 or 3 sprints, the extra sessions let me get ahead, or work on other writing.

I do another sprint in the afternoon if needed or if I feel like doing more. Otherwise I use that time for blogging and will be starting to vlog as well. I don’t know if I’ll do much YouTube but recording seems like a good way to make myself get dressed! Not that I take my daughter to school in my pyjamas….nooo, definitely never done that…

I know I’m lucky to have so much writing time available, what do you do to fit writing into your life?


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